you’re not a failure, your diet is

Almost 80% of dieters regain their weight lost (and then some) within a year. And mainstream fad diet marketing and media blame the dieters for their lack of willpower to “just stick with it.” 

In today’s email, my tribe read about the THREE VERY REAL biological changes that occur after you diet. And they learned the truth about what causes dieters to lose control of what they’re eating. (Get on my email list if you want stay in the loop about all of this stuff; link is in my bio).

So, truly it’s not your fault, sis! We are hard-wired to bump up against fast fix die-hard diet rules which brings me to tell you why I am 100% confident that my Macros Made Easy method is the last stop on your yo-yo dieting train!

Here’s why:

#1. The Macros Made Easy way employs a very specific and science-based strategy to calculate the numbers your unique body needs to achieve your goals. 

#2. Through my method and close coaching relationship, we monitor your progress in all metabolic factors (much more than age, gender, height and weight) that gives us important data such as what set weight point your body functions best at.

#3. My commitment to YOU! What’s really sad to me is that it isn’t just society that blames dieters when they gain weight. Dieters blame themselves, and I really think that that’s a shame. 

There ARE SO MANY THINGS that affect your ability to control what you do with that fork, that make it impossible to not pick it up. and My Macros Made Easy approach teaches you and helps you to understand that very IMPORTANT fact!

If any of this spoke to you, I highly recommend you taking advantage of my FREE Macros Made Easy Part 2 virtual class where I will teach you how to calculate your starting macros. And even if you can’t make the LIVE, register anyway so you can get the replay! All attendees / registered participants will get the opportunity to take advantage of an EPIC discount on my first Macros Made Easy Group Coaching Program launching in January 2022! 

What’s your burning question about macro tracking? Hit reply to this email and I will respond right away!

Cheers to the weekend! 

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