what to expect in macros made easy part 2

I hope you aren’t obsessing over your #halloweencandy. Let it go! 

I can’t believe it’s November. ALL the holidays right around the corner, am I right? 

Not to mention all of the marketing promos coming right at ya to buckle down and holiday hustle! 

Add to that your own worry and anxiety about how you will “stay the course”  during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Holidays should be FUN and I hope you won’t spend any precious time (time we can never get back) guilt-tripping yourself about what you may be able to eat or do.

In Macros Made Easy Part 2, I will teach you how to create your own baseline macros so that you can prepare to plan ahead! 

Don’t you find that if you go into something well-prepared (a test, an exam, a special meal, a new exercise, a new skill…), your anxiety and worry is far far less? 

That’s the benefit of #macrotracking the #macrosmadeeasy way!

What we plan for, we prepare for whether it be what we had originally planned or what we have to pivot from! 

Register today and tell a friend! The link is in my bio!

In Macros Made Easy Part 2, we will: 

-recap a little info about your Metabolism and why you should care

-what factors we use in creating your starting macros and

– how to create your very own starting macros! 


Macros Made Easy Part 2, November 11th at 1pm HST! Can’t wait to see you there!

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