i want to macro track right now. what do i do?

7 steps to take right now if you want to start to macro track!

  1. Start honestly tracking your food in the My Macros Plus app for 5-7 days with at least 1 weekend day and be honest. There’s no judgement here we need to see where we are starting. Be as accurate as possible. 
  2. You need your custom starting macro numbers. Your best best is to attend my My Macros Made Easy FREE virtual class!
  3. You need to track your data regularly not everyone once in a while but everyday!
  4. You need to weigh and track your food. You need a food scale. Weigh food in grams not in volume. No measuring cups or spoons. No eye balling. You must weigh. Weigh in Grams for most foods and ounces or grams for wet based foods.  
  5. Hit your tracking consistently. If you are not or can’t be, this won’t work. Every single day you need to track close to 100%, not perfect but you have to at least try and if you can’t commit then honor where you are at and adjust your want or goal to macro track or your goal of body change.
  6. Take starting pictures (front pose, back pose, side pose in a sport bra and short in great lighting). Take starting measurements of your bust (across the nipple line), your waist (1 inch above your belly button), your hips (the widest part of your hips including your butt) and your thigh (the widest part of your thigh). Take metrics and photos weekly. Keep your outfit the same. Have fun with it! Keep track of this data.
  7. Devote at least 2-3 weeks of learning these new skills. Give yourself grace and afford yourself lots of patience!

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