client highlight: sonya

Today I want to highlight my dear client Sonya for her hard work over these past few months transforming from the INSIDE out!

And I want you to see that sustainably accomplishing your goals is possible! You don’t have to go on The Keto Diet, Weight Watchers, Beach Body, or any other cookie-cutter plan out there to lose weight when you start Macros Made Easy! 

I am the Coach people find because they are tired of trying everything with no long term result. My safe and sound mission creates customized, SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE patterns they can maintain for life!

Client Spotlight: Sonya Suan

Here’s the #BTS on how I work with all of my Macros Made Easy clients including Sonya! 

Sonya submits her food logs daily and tracks her food through My Macros Plus following her custom macros. 

Our long term goal is to eventually shift from 100% tracking and move toward intuitive macros once Sonya reaches her goal. 

I give Sonya food log feedback and coach her on what to change with her nutrition, how to make improvements, and how to balance her meals for exercise performance and how to best manage her hunger, energy and cravings. Sonya is a busy working professional with an even busier household, so we work together often on navigating eating out and social eating.

Sonya’s macronutrient adjustments are based on how her body is responding and also how her mental load is doing. To date, we have not changed her macros because Sonya is still adjusting to tracking macros. She is also progressively decreasing in both metrics and scale weight, so we are working together to build a strong and solid macro tracking foundation

Sonya’s workouts are customized for her ability and access. I use progressive strength training providing workout updates for her every 4 weeks.

Her supplement regime is tailored to fit her body’s needs and goals. 

Weekly coaching check ins is where the magic happens as we discuss any obstacles, upcoming events we can pre plan for to have preemptive action steps to keep her progress moving in the right direction!

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