is your motivation mean?

Is your Motivation Mean?

I would dream of being on the biggest loser so that Jillian Michaels would yell at me until I passed out. And in my early career as a Honolulu Personal trainer, I did a lot of stuff with clients that I cringe at now; ya know, being green in the fitness and workout space, having clients do cardio drill after very set… I am so proud to say I’ve learned a lot since then!

I USED to get off on that. And I thought I actually thrived  in my ear zone of aggression.

Can a flower bloom in the most desolate conditions? 

Maybe. Maybe not. 

I didn’t thrive. I simply survived. 

Beating my body into submission was the norm. #meangirls motivation was my coping mechanism. 

Habit expert James Clear says “The strategies that made you successful in the past will, at some point, reach their limit.” 

I did get shit done. And now, now I know I can still get shit done less all the self sabotage.

I sit in the stillness. 

I welcome the quiet.

I lean into discomfort. 

I say how I feel.

I ask for help. 

Remember, your body is always listening. 

How are you best motivated? 

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