this or that – the truth about takeout and macro tracking

Sometimes, you get a craving. Sometimes you can make it fit into your macros. Sometimes you can’t.

Sometimes you get a craving, so you takeout and end up still hungry after. (it me, Honolulu Personal Trainer)

Sometimes you fulfill a craving with that fast food and then you feel just as crappy as the cardboard box 📦 that food came in, so your energy is shit the rest of the day. You skip your workout or your lift just doesn’t feel like it should.

When you start paying attention to how food affects you, which is a direct result of macro tracking, you’ll realize where you want to spend your hard earned macro bucks 💰

This is THE ONLY BODY you get in this lifetime.

You want to treat it like styrofoam or you trying to shine like a diamond 💎?

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