up your veggie game, even if u don’t like em!

Photo by Adonyi Gábor on Pexels.com

Vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. We’re here to help you get a great start to your week with tips on how to eat more vegetables.

Vary Your Veggies

Try them both raw and cooked. Vegetables like carrots, celery, and peppers can offer different flavors and textures depending on what form they are consumed. Try eating them raw and cooking them in a variety of ways to know which you like best.

Incorporate them into casseroles, stir fry or soups. Adding vegetables into mixed dishes will allow them to complement a dish rather than being the focus. They can add flavors and textures as well as great nutrients into your dish.

Try a smoothie. Smoothies made only with fruit may be high in sugar due to their natural sweetness. Decrease the sugar content of your smoothies by swapping some of the fruit with leafy greens or non-starchy vegetables such as cucumber, beets, or zucchini.

Use vegetables as a vessel for more savory foods. Stuffed peppers or mushrooms and zucchini boats are a great base for mixed dishes. They inherit the flavors while using the entire vegetable. Try replacing a tortilla for a bell pepper on your next taco night.

Use dips and sauces when appropriate. Guacamole and hummus can make raw vegetables more palatable. Try making your own dip with herbs and plain greek yogurt.

My Challenge for You: Eat at least one vegetable each day this week!

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