workout weekend – advanced + ostomy

Today’s workout 🏋️‍♂️ ! An advanced ☝️

Video demo of #glutehamraise – a 🔥 for sure! Message me for modifications!

Want more workouts to do ANYWHERE? 

Want that face to face so you can stay #accountable? 

I coach busy and stressed women confused, frustrated and overwhelmed with this whole food and fitness thing. 

I’m your partner in creating a sustainable wellness journey that will be the last program you’ll ever have to be on.

Using my @vibe_365 method, I provide the gentle nudges necessary so that you can ❤️ the body you are in; no extreme exercise; no extreme and restrictive food behaviors; no having to stop living your life! 

If this resonates with you, let’s chat! 

AND if you have an Ostomy and are scared 😱 shitless about exercise, definitely hit me up! I’m proof that even with an #ostomy, you can continue to lift weights, lift heavy as F, and DO ALL the ab exercises! #proofisinthepudding

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