aloha wow (workout of the week)

We just completed week 2 of our bootcamp class and although we’ve been on hiatus for over a year, it was the family reunion I’ve been waiting for!

All familiar faces, all excited to re-start their weekly hour of sweat and socializing. There is something special to watch this group  of women of all ages and abilities with various obligations, come together to share in being vulnerable, uncomfortable and out of breath without any ego or expectation. This is my second family.

As we build their fitness, March has been devoted to body weight exercises. In week 2, we presented a station circuit workout.

2 Minute Stations

Be sure to spend the first 5-7 minutes with a proper warm-up.

Each station will include 1-2 exercises that you rotate for 2 minutes (continue each exercise until you run out of time). After 2 minutes, spend 30-seconds preparing for your next station.

Compete all four stations; that will be one round. After each completed round, go into 4 minutes of tabata exercises. After your tabata, take 2 minutes of rest. Repeat the entire series a second time and a third time, if you see fit!

Station 1: 6 push-ups and 6 tricep dips

Station 1: 6 lunges per leg and 6 med ball slams

Station 3: 6 bicycle crunches per side and 6 leg raises

Station 4: 2 minutes of jump rope or mock jump rope

Tabata 1: mountain climbers and jumping jacks

Tabata 2: burpees and plank jacks

Have fun!

2CW-HI Athletes
On Thursday, we sweat!



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