week 30 update to my first bikini competition as a 46 year old with an ostomy

Can’t nobody hold me down is this week’s mantra… 😆 well, not really because when your body is injured, your body tells you what is what!

I pulled my serratus anterior doing deadlifts last week Saturday. The SA is a fan-shaped muscle that consists of your ribs. I pulled a rib out of place!

After immediate modification and a chiropractic adjustment, I’m on the mend. It’s felt good to go easy. My Type A personality had me always pushing till I CAN’T. What can I say? Old habits die hard huh?

I’ve got weekly scale goals now. This week, I’m a little short. Goal was 137lbs but I’m at 137.6lbs.

Macros got cut and cardio got bumped. If there’s one thing I know how to do, long and often, it’s CARDIO. Pulled out a 7 mile run on Friday and a 40 mile bike on Sunday. Despite being injured, I’m grateful for a strong healthy body that allows me to do all of this! My decades of effort was for not! My body moves well and heals well. A far different outcome from when back in 2015, I was on 80mg daily of Prednisone and doing monthly infusions of Remicade and shots of Entyvio trying to manage out of control #ulcerativecolitis.

I couldn’t leave the house without having to NOT MAKE IT TO a bathroom! Wtf! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m so glad those days are hasta La vista baby!

My goals this week are to nail my per meal macros on their head; to eat every 2 hours and to stop fixating on the lack of food and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel – this too shall pass. I’ve got 11 weeks which is REALLY REALLY short except when you are hungry hahaha. It’s mental, right? And ya know I’m still in triple digit carb macros so I’m super grateful!

Another goal – I gotta restart with @kendramcgowan_ for posing. During this solo time, I’ve gotten some posing ideas and I know that Kendra will help me bring them to stage!

Weight 137.6LBS
Waist: 24.50”
Thigh: 18.50”
Hips: 35.50”

Thanks for reading!

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