my best protein tips! lose fat and build muscle especially if you are new to strength training! #newbiegains

Protein tips!

1. Aim for 30 grams per meal.

2. Keep on the go protein options on hand at all times.

3. Add a protein to almost every meal.

4. Think โ€œhow can I turn this snack into a protein balanced one?โ€ If you snack on an apple ๐ŸŽ, add some deli meat and cheese to make it protein packed. Easy Breezy.

5. Use protein powder in creative ways. I add mine to cooked oatmeal; iced coffee; cottage cheese or Greek yogurt! Simple and delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹.

6. Bump up your protein intake over time! Start with 5-10 grams daily. Donโ€™t overcomplicate it babe.

7. Not sure how much protein to eat? For most active individuals, somewhere within the range of 0.6-1.0g protein per 1lb total bodyweight per day is solid,If ya need some support, my Macros Made Easy coaching program is a great solution! Link in bio. Letโ€™s chat macros and muscles.

Happy Monday!

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