week 27 update to compete in WBFF Miami this November

Week 27 Update! 🧾

I’ve had a pretty solid week with the scale dipping down consistently. A first for ya girl who felt like she was on a slow boat 🛶 going nowhere!

I DO CREDIT my visit to my Functional Medicine Doc who put me on a holistic protocol to help my liver since I am a no colon, still rollin’ athlete.

Also, my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) has been off the chain because my husband is out of commission. So of course, if my output is higher, while in a deficit, the loss will be quicker (usually).

This scenario is where you’ll have to tread murky waters because you don’t want to rely on exercise to create a loss. And you don’t want to be on such low food so far out because there’s nowhere to go when you hit a weight loss plateau (unless you eat LESS and exercise MORE).

I’m in a solid place because my food is still relatively high and my cardio is relatively low and I am almost at my weight goal with 17 more weeks left on the books 📚.

So now my job is to ensure I leave no macro behind 😆 and to be on point with my recovery, sleep and stress.

My BIGGEST victory that has NOTHING to do with being at my lowest weight ever (except that time I did Jenny Craig) is this:

My FOOD FOMO mindset has shifted!

Here’s what I wrote to my Coach @janellefitmarks during my check-in:

This past week was spot on. Lots of getting take out for hubby during his Birthday but I can’t believe I don’t want or crave any of it. In previous times, I would HATE to “have to watch him eat “bad” food that I couldn’t eat and I would think “how dare he expect me to suffer through this” and now it’s radically different. I WILLINGLY get him take out food. I ask him what he wants and where from. It’s even mind blowing to me at this point, but I am going with it.

I’m still working on my patience and empathy when caring for my injured hubby. I try to insert a pause button between my interactions and I apologize often. I’m a work in progress! And it’s ok because as long as we notice the not so good we want to change and are actively trying to do so, we are winning!

Weight: 132.8LBS
Waist: 24.75”
Hips: 35.50”
Thigh: 19” dem quadz ain’t going nowhere 😝

Thanks for reading!

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