week 4 fat loss check in

Motivation Monday!

I do not share this to inspire you to compete. I share my journey first for me, but second to inspire others that with safe and sound direction, grit and consistency, you can achieve anything you believe. And although you may operate or look differently (hello ostomy) that THAT should not hinder, limit or prevent you from going after the scary things you secretly dream about.

My 2023 word is FEARLESS. I’m going after this goal like I’ve gone after all my goals – with commitment and integrity. But this time, my goal here hits different because I’m not bound to it. I’m gonna give this my best effort and if my body starts to tell me “nah, LA we good” I will listen. I spent far too many years ignoring my body’s pleas.

I got a good feeling tho. Cuz this time around, I’m coming from a place of self love and not hate. I’m starting this adventure from a solid mental place. I’m treating my body good and in turn, my body is treating me good.

I didn’t want to put an ass shot on here but I’m stoked on my hamstring definition. I did that! My hammies have always been the last to join the party because hello, I’m a QuadQueen so ya know, I’ll take it!

What’s your FEARLESS goal this year?


Week 4 check in with my Coach @janellefitmarks on the @thewonderwomenofficial

A month has blown by. I hope to keep my positivity 😊 when the prep grind gets more grinding. 😝

In 4 weeks, here’s where I’m at:
Waist: 27” 👉🏾 26.75”
Hips: 37” no change
Thigh: 20.50” no change

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