what does fat loss really look like and how long fat loss really takes

It’s #transformationtuesday gang!

Well today is officially day #1 of my second cut as I prep for the WBFF Dallas show in July. Initially, I had planned on doing an August show in Vegas, but that show is a three day affair and realistically, a three day event is a bit overwhelming for me.

I’m also considering overall expenses and time away from my fur tribe while also discussing it with my coach @janellefitmarks in my team @thewonderwomenofficial, that Dallas is a go!

Here’s the montage of where I started at 178lbs after pre term labor of twins and an extensive but unsuccessful fertility journey.

The middle is the end of my first cut at 145lbs when my body and my brain was like over it. Maintenance here we come!

And the pic on the far right is where I’m starting now. A year long diet break break combined with a 17 week strength block. The best of both worlds for muscle babes! More food and lifting heavy! That’s the “secret sauce.”

And so here we go. I’m nervous 😬 about having to diet again but I have a plan and lots of support. And I have time!

The goal is to steadily lose 1lb per week. And from experience, I know that the scale number has not been indicative of my progress. I tend to lose in areas I don’t measure and I’ve been fortunate to build some decent muscle (thanks mom and dad)!

Between the last two pics, there’s little to be seen but I show you to highlight that this is the long game. Day to day you can’t tell. Week to week, the shifts are small. Month to month maybe you can tell. But Year to Year – that’s the magic. How you eat and train daily, across years!

If you start now, just visualize how far you’ll be in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, a year!

Don’t wait because time is running out!

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