My very first diet was @jennycraigofficial in 1997. This picture is reaching my half way goal. I started at 170.4lbs and my goal weight then was 125lb.

In my 7 months on the program, I learned a lot.

I learned the calorie content in all foods. I was a walking calorie counter!

I learned about portion control and portion sizes.

I learned about the importance of the nutrient density of foods and how food quality makes me feel.

The not so good habits I learned included….

Cardio was king. My counselor specifically said “Don’t lift weights. Don’t strength train. We only care about the number on the scale.”

I learned strategies to manipulate the number on the scale for my weekly weigh-ins. Don’t eat before. Don’t drink anything before. Exercise one hour before. Wear the lightest clothes. Pre right before weighing jn. And these behaviors only worsened when my weight plateaued.

I learned how to weigh my mood and the trajectory of my entire day by that scale read out. If I lost, my day was EPIC. If I gained, my day was ruined.

If you are looking to stop the insanity; learn how to do things the right way and can let go of a quick fix mindset for an enjoyable and endurable solution, I’m the Coach for you. I have 4 spots open for my Jan through March program. If this interests you, let’s chat! DM me or comment below! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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