don’t bully your body this holiday season

My second annual #friendsgiving was a success! This year, I added a DIY 🪚 holiday-themed selfie wall! I hope to add a special element every year!

And to think that it wasn’t too long ago where I would NEVER host these food-inspired events out of fear, anxiety, guilt and shame.

As a long time yo-yo 🪀 dieter, I would waste holidays obsessing over food and trying to exercise off food.

It was so nice to spend time with family and friends being PRESENT.

I had zero anxiety because I was mindful.

I had zero guilt because I didn’t over indulge.

11 months in maintenance have taught me that I can eat whatever food I want if I’m mindful about it. If I really want it, I’ll track it.

Did I track? Yes, I tracked as best as I could.

Was that good enough?

F yeah! Because I had a plan. I was intentional. I did not enter brain shut down mode and allow myself to eat everything in sight.

I did not rationalize free for all eating behavior with the mindset that “I’ll eat clean on Monday” or I’ll just make sure I workout tomorrow.”

Nope because for the past year and a half, I’ve created solid habits that don’t change much no matter what season I’m in for my personal goals nor what holiday season arises.

The way I eat in a deficit is the same way I eat in maintenance. The ONLY DIFFERENCE is really the portions I eat and the choices I make. Of course, in maintenance I can eat out more and I have more food freedom to have some yummy homemade holiday treats.

It is possible to eat and exercise in a manner that is conducive toward your weight loss goals. And no, it does not require being hangry, miserable and white knuckling till your next meal. I mean, sure that may be the case if you are doing a big show or an event that you are dieting down for. But really, most of us just want to be healthy and feel good in our jeans 👖.

Don’t be the bully of your body sis! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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