tis the season to SET BOUNDARIES

Read the caption again! How many times have you done something or didn’t do something because someone made you feel a way about your decision?

Maybe you altered yourself or behavior in some form to prevent conflict?

Maybe you went along with something because you didn’t want to feel guilty about choosing another way?

I’ve battled these scenarios most of my life as a perpetual dieter. And the holidays would bring me so much guilt, shame and fear to go along with the “masses.”

In Hawaiian culture, it’s very rude to say no to a dish. Or to deny a taste of a food gift.

Here, we show our love with food.

We smooth over conflict with food.

We celebrate and grieve with food.

We greet new friends with food and we “butter up” people with food.

It took me a while to learn that doing what the F I want despite what others say or feel is not only healthy for my mind and body, but, it’s also a statement of the respect I have to myself and to my goals.

Tune in to my igLive tomorrow at 3pm HST / 5pm PST where @strengthandpurpose.dag and I discuss our food pusher experiences (heck even I was a food pusher too) and tune in to hear👂our best tips to navigate the swirly experience of holiday food gatherings. ❤️💪🏾 #honolulupersonaltrainer

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