smoke, mirrors and the scale

Tune into tomorrow’s stories to see me highlight my weight in a day. You’ll see how much I fluctuate in a day; hours a part within a day!

Our bodies are amazing. Our weight ebbs and flows. It’s an indicator of progress. But it’s not the holy grail.

I spent far too many years where my scale weight ran the show.

Now I… weigh myself daily and I look 👀 at the number head on.

I go to my Doc appointments and I no longer ask them not to tell me my weight (when I was in the height of my ED, I did request this every time).

I weigh myself BEFORE any exercise whereas I used to only weigh after VERY LONG SESSIONS OF CARDIO!

Tomorrow, I’ll run you through wake up period day weight; wake up earlier than normal weigh in time weight; after a meal weight; after all meals before bed weight so you too can see that we all FLUCTUATE!

What’s the biggest hang up you’ve had with the scale? #honolulupersonaltrainer

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