you’ll get knocked down; just be sure you get back up

Today I celebrate ALL wins no matter BIG or small; fitness related or not! Today I had a squat test at 103% of my heaviest to date. When I ran the math it said 195.6lbs. There is no .6 fractional weight. And although I was scared 😱 went I was going to attempt this set, I said just try your best! After all, where else is failure truly celebrated and welcomed than in the gym! I spent a solid amount of time warming up – 30 minutes at least! Slowly chipping away warming up to my top set. The TWW motto is “chop wood 🪵 carry water 💦”. My 20th warm up rep was at 195lb so I told myself, if I get this then I’ll shoot for 200lb. 195lb x 1 rep was a struggle as it should be but it was my 100% struggle not 103% so 200 I attempted. You see, this is to remind you that there is A LOT of internal dialogue that occurs in any situation. Your inner voice can be positive and progressive or it can be negative and debilitating. As I held that weight on my back, I thought “Lee-Ann, relax, breathe, push. If you can’t get back up, just sit on the ground.”

Today I got back up. I know it’s not always going to be this way. But I welcome the challenge nonetheless. Lift on babes!

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