could this be holding you back?

Wanna take a guess at what it is?

Bear with me for a few, this is related for sure!

Today I locked myself out of my house which threw my entire morning routine off.

My Wednesday morning is pretty tight. I fit in a morning 2 mile run to get some outdoor sunshine ☀️ before settling into a long day of Zoom client calls, meetings and training for own personal growth.

There’s very little room for error. But today was that day. I found myself locked out with 2 pups and and my phone.

After several failed break in attempts, I had to make the dreaded call to my husband to leave work and let me in.

In not so long ago times, this wrench 🔧 would have sent me into a tailspin 🌪. I would be so upset and rattled with my screw up that I would have just thought 💭 “blew it so might as well give up on everything else too.” I wouldn’t exercise and I would binge eat.

So, what does this ALL HAVE to DO with exercise and diet, you may wonder?

Well, actually a whole lot. It’s about BEING UNCOMFORTABLE and being able to PIVOT!

When I first got into fitness, I was in a constant state of fear because it seemed like I was always faced with doing new things, feeling uncertain and not knowing exactly what I was doing all the while trying to keep up with everything else that had to be done.

And hey, come to find out – it’s all part of the journey, and it’s the only way you actually grow as a person and as an athlete!

Don’t let your fear of failure sabotage your health journey.

Just know that with time, consistency, patience, practice and the RIGHT COACH, your health goals will no longer be a negotiation for you.

If you are looking to start with one simple action right now, my LevelUp League monthly membership is for you!

Whether you are at home or in a gym, whether you have ALL the equipment or NONE, the League is the right fit teaching you how to strength train to optimize your health. And how about lose some fat and build some muscle in the process too? Sound good?

If you are ready to get on that fat-burning, muscle-building, age reversing method, sign up for LevelUp League today!

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