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Get a new training program delivered automatically via email every month with the LevelUp League subscription-based service!

LevelUp League is a training program that is updated monthly and comes complete with linked exercise demos via your own online portal using the service called True Coach. This is a great option for those of you that need a structured program that varies month to month all with the flexibility of doing your workouts on your own, in the convenience of your own home. All subscribers get a home-based program.

There are form-checks and community interaction with this option via membership in a private Facebook group, where you’ll be doing the same program as everyone else. You can ask questions and get feedback from Lee-Ann, the LevelUp coaches, and of course, your peers.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive the program as an online invitation to complete your profile in the True Coach online application (this is at no cost to you). You will be billed monthly which you can cancel at any time. You also have the option to access your LevelUP League workouts using the True Coach mobile app. There is no individual customization for this monthly program. All members receive the same monthly workout. If you wish to have specific customization for your unique situation then my LevelUP Online program would be better suited for you!

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Cost for Membership: $50 per month billed automatically. Cancel at any time! Use the link below to sign up today!

-New programs are automatically available on the last business day of the prior month.
-You get access to a private Facebook group for form checks and support.
-There is no nutritional guidance provided in LevelUp League.
-Includes monthly access to your online True Coach portal with in-depth exercise demos.
-With a monthly subscription you receive one (1) program per $89 USD monthly billing period.
-Monthly subscriptions may overlap the first of the month, and if you have an active subscription, you will receive the new program for the next month if it overlaps the 1st of the month. If you cancel your monthly subscription prior to your billing period and before the 1st, you are not due additional programs regardless of the sign-up date as you have received the one program you paid for.


What equipment do I need?
A: Lee-Ann recommends a lighter and heavier pair of dumbbells, long resistance bands, and mini-bands or glute band. If you don’t have dumbbells for the home workouts, you can use makeshift weights such as a loaded backpack or duffel bag.

Can I do LevelUp League if I work out at home?
A: You absolutely can!

Can I see a sample of the workout before I buy it?
A: We can’t send you a sample of the workouts, but if you look at Lee-Ann’s Instagram, as well as our L3V3LUP Instagram, there are frequent posts that you can reference as examples, as others in the LevelUP League do these workouts each month too.

How many days of workouts are included in the program?
A: LevelUp League includes 3 primary strength training workouts per week with an optional 4th day. These workouts are updated every month. We are also offering 2 day a week full body workouts for those that have limited time. 

What is the workout split?
A: Day 1 is lower body (approx. 1 hour), day 2 is upper body (approx. 1 hour), day 3 is full body (approx. 1 hour), and day 4 is optional full body (approx. 30 minutes). Days 1, 2, and 3 are the most important; day 4 is considered a supplementary session. For the two day a week split, they are full body sessions. 

When are new programs released?
A: New programs are released on the last business day of the prior month.

When will I get my program?
A: You’ll get your program immediately upon purchase. Your billing cycle will start from the date that you paid, but programs will always come out on the last business day of the prior month.

How will I get my program?
A: Your program will be automatically delivered to you in your email inbox via True Coach. Please look for an email from True Coach requiring you to create your account (this is free). Your entire program will be housed in the True Coach portal. You can also login to your account and download it from there. The program is also available via the True Coach mobile app.

 I need to cancel my subscription. What do I do?
A: Please send us an email to leeann.watanabe.com to cancel. Your cancellation date is effective when we receive your cancellation email. No refunds are given for cancelling mid-month. You must cancel at least 3 business days in advance in order to not be charged for the following month. For example, if you receive your program for January on December 30th and now the date is January 15th and you want to cancel, you will NOT be refunded for January. You will not be charged for February. Your account will be cancelled effective February 1st and you would have access to your January workouts through January 31st.

I have a multi-month subscription and I need to cancel. What do I do?
A: Please – DO NOT cancel too far ahead of time. If you cancel your subscription prior to receiving all of the programs you are due, you will not get them automatically. Only active subscribers will get their programs, so please keep a note of your billing date and cancel only shortly before (within three business days).

Can I get a refund?
A: There are no refunds on digital items

I want to upgrade my membership from a shorter duration to a longer duration. What do I do?
A: That’s fantastic, and we’re happy to have you! Please extend your subscription only once your prior subscription duration is due for renewal and before you’re to be billed again. We do not pro-rate, and you shouldn’t upgrade mid-cycle. The process to upgrade at the end of a billing cycle happens via canceling your current subscription and signing up for a new one for the duration you’d like.

Is this program customized?
A: No, this is not a custom program. If you’d like one, we offer that with our LevelUp Online program here.

Is there a nutrition component to this program?
A: No, there is not. However, Lee-Ann offers a macro consults that you are welcome to purchase. You can purchase that by emailing us!

I need a substitution for an exercise because I don’t have the proper equipment.
A: Head on over to our exclusive Facebook group (linked in your program) and we’ll be happy to help you! Keep in mind that this is a group program. If you require extensive substitutions due to lifter experience or implement availability, a custom program will be better suited to your needs.

I missed a month because I was injured or chose not to lift. What do I do?
A: The programs are able to be downloaded from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, so regardless of whether or not you use them, you are encouraged to download and save them as they will become unavailable when new programs release. If you miss a month, you can save it for a later date. It’s best to perform the current month with the group.

I need to pause my membership for a month. Can I? Can I cancel it at any time?
A: You cannot pause your membership, however, you can cancel it at any time. If you do decide to come back, it will be at the current subscription rate.


Pati Hoyt

“Lee-Ann’s LevelUP coaching has given me consistency; clear focus on my goals and ‘issues’. The customized approach to her online LevelUp programming instead of a cookie-cutter approach was key to me signing up.”

Charlie Teixeira

“I love that LevelUP has weekly check ins as well as how flexible and progressive the workout program/software is!”

Gladys Colon

“What I like about Lee-Ann’s coaching is that she is very down to earth. She has been through a lot health wise and also has tried all the diets in the world. I kinda feel the same. Also Lee-Ann has made the food part so easy that I want my husband and daughter doing it too with me!”

Christine Krause

“I love Lee-Ann’s transparency and willingness to share her experience and struggles. After our initial conversation, I knew that she understand autoimmune disease and how it relates to exercise and overall stress. Lee-Ann’s upbeat and fun attitude are contagious 😉 I tend to get competitive with myself and I often push too hard too soon. I want continue building strength and improve body composition in ways that are safe for my body and I feel like Lee-Ann gets this and can help guide and support me in that effort.”


“I enjoy working with Lee-Ann because she has a great balance of tough love and encouragement.”

Carmelita Andia

“What I like about Lee-Ann’s coaching is that she is very down to earth. She has been through a lot health wise and also has tried all the diets in the world. I kinda feel the same. Also Lee-Ann has made the food part so easy that I want my husband and daughter doing it too with me!”

Let’s discover your unique super power together.

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