top 4 reasons why women don’t lift weights

I’m glad to be writing ✍️ this during a time where MORE ladies are in the weight room!

If I had a 💵 dollar for every time one of my female clients or friends has asked, “Why should I lift weights? Won’t it make me bulky?” I could retire 😆 ok, maybe not retire but I could get me some Starbucks for sure!

If you still aren’t sold on strength training benefits, then this post is for you!

#1. I don’t know how! The answer is LevelUp League! Thanks to the magic of the internet, my mission to make safe, effective strength training programs accessible to anyone and everyone is here!

The League is my most affordable online strength training membership for total newbies, beginners and advanced lifters alike! DM me to chat!

With League programming, our male and female athletes get monthly workouts that specify exercises, rep counts, set counts, rest periods between exercises including a comprehensive online exercise library with detailed instructions, photos, and videos—to equip ALL athletes to learn how to lift weights.

No more excuses, ladies!

#2. Cardio burns 🥵 more calories. If one of your goals is to lose body fat, strength training is your secret weapon! When you lift weights—heavy weights—your body signals to your brain that you are working overtime. This means that even when you put down the weight, your body continues to work—and burn calories—to repair itself.

Think 🤔 about it: your body uses different energy systems to fuel different types of activities (weights vs. cardio).

#3. Hulk Out! Ladies, we don’t have the same testosterone as men. Testosterone promotes muscle growth. And although women secrete testosterone too, adult men produce about 20 times more than adult women. As a result, females simply cannot physiologically reach the same muscle hypertrophy (size) as guys (unless you are doing some serious, illegal supps…) 🤨

#4. Boys only. Times have changed! The weight rooms nowadays are filled with men and women disproving this old stereotype. And every time we step foot into the gym with the guys, we’re chipping away at that old-school thinking!

Spread this gospel to debunk these!

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