to track or not to track on weekends?

A common obstacle for not only my nutrition clients, but also for many of us navigating a fat loss journey is this: To TRACK or NOT to TRACK on the weekends?!

I won’t sugar coat it. If you have serious fat loss goals; you want to get off the gain and lose roller coaster once and for all and are ready to go through a weight loss phase for the very last time, than YES you SHOULD TRACK on the weekends!

You have to treat your weekends as seriously as you treat your eating Monday through Friday.

Why? Cuz you’ll be in a deficit for only a period of time. There is a start date and a stop date for weight loss. You must use that time effectively. Stick to your macros for this deficit window 🪟 and when it’s over, you’ll have more food freedom and flexibility.

If that cycle of eating isn’t appealing to you, here are some options to consider:

1. No track but be mindful. You really know what you should and shouldn’t eat. If you don’t track, be mindful of your choices! Not tracking is not the opportunity to go off plan. It’s a simple strategy to give you a mental break of tracking. Nothing less nothing more.

2. Log a social meal as your buffer. Have a big event out on the town? Track your morning and midday meals and keep things light (high protein + low carb) and then save yourself a sizable calorie allotment for your event. And don’t skimp here. Social meals can easily rack up 1,000 calories or more! Track for it and enjoy yourself! If you’re over, it’s ok. This is life. Get back to it with your next tracked meal!

3. What’s the hardest macro for you to hit? Usually, it’s protein. Choose a single macro to track for the day. Doing this makes you more aware of your choices throughout the day. Set your goal to nail that macro during this time!

I usually don’t meal prep in 1 day; but instead do mini meal preps throughout my week.

I’ll swing by the grocery store on Tuesday and grab a few staple proteins, veggies, & snacks that I can quickly prep on Wed night.

I always have an easy breakfast & lunch option in the fridge to get me through the weekend because the last thing I want is to be left hungry with an empty fridge on a Saturday!

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