stop telling yourself lies if you want to lose weight

In this instant age, we’ve become brainwashed to believe that everything we do should also be “in an instant.”

In this time of getting everything shipped to us in a day or two, we’ve forgotten about all of the hard work and effort going on behind the scenes.

We bitch and grumble when #amazonprime is late.

And we’ve adopted the same mindset when it comes to diet and exercise.

Most people want weight loss handed to them on a silver platter.

They seek out trainers who can guarantee them instant weight loss in the least amount of time.

They find diets that take away any kind of mental effort to do because they don’t want to deal with tracking, weighing, logging, preparing meals…

They give up when there is a little bit of push back, some resistance, when it becomes “so hard,” too hard” or “too much thinking.”

They say, “it would be easier if my I had a partner doing it with me.” Or they say “it would be easier if I didn’t have social outings.” Or they say “it would be easier if I could just have a cheat day.”

No, no it wouldn’t be easier. These are excuses you feed yourself to make you feel better about your decisions.

You know what’s hard for me to do? Doing the same shit over and over expecting a different result at the end of it all. I’ve wasted half my life doing that.

Learning something is hard. But you are capable.

Navigating a new way of eating can be hard. But with learning, it will become easy.

Stop relying on excuses to do hard stuff. And if tracking your food and fitness is hard, I’d say then you are living a GREAT life! Choose your hard. And let me tell you that tracking food and exercising regularly IS NOT HARD.

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