five macro hacks for macro tracking newbies

“Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.”
–Davide Rockwell

This quote definitely makes sense here, so if you’re on board with the idea of tracking your calories and macros to gain muscle and lose fat, then be sure to read on!

Maybe this is you or someone you know 😉…

You started #macrotracking and saw some good results.

But then, a few weeks in, you think you’ve hit a plateau.

And now you’re wondering, “Do I need to change anything?”

To be honest with you, tweaking a client’s macros or calories is usually my last of call to action.

Often, a much more effective solution is to review your approach to tracking.

After all, you haven’t been doing it for that long, so you may have yet to master some tips and tricks to make this system truly work for you.

In this post, I’m going to share five tracking hacks that always help my clients overcome their first plateau.

If you’re ready to master tracking, here are my 5 practical take aways!

* Log all of your food in grams or ounces instead of portions, cups, or tablespoons.
* Double check your food entries or create your own.
* Avoid unaccounted-for bites and sips outside of your meal times.
* Keep your meals simple by sticking to a small number of single-ingredient nutrient sources.
* Plan at least the last meal of the day in order to hit your daily nutritional targets.

If ya want detailed info on these tips, see my #macrosmadeeasy highlights!

I’ve got the last two spots open for my June – August cohort! DM me to chat about your goals and how I can help you break the cycle of gain and lose with a safe, sound, sustainable and ENJOYABLE approach! ❤️🔥💪🏾


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