your weight loss progress is a process

I USED to tell myself, “Well, Lee-Ann, you may not be the smartest, the fastest, the prettiest, but you sure are one of the hardest workers in the room.”

For decades, I ran my body into the ground.

I was the hardest working at my diet.

I was the set on doing the most cardio than the next person.

I would bury myself to set new personal records.

It was always do more, be more, be better, do better!

And now as I look back at it all, the only thing I was BEST at was trashing my hormones, igniting my Ulcerative Colitis, completely emptying my energy tank and using my “discipline” as a distraction to run away from my true feelings about it all – training, food, fitness, my body, my dislike for my body, my deep felt betrayal I had for my body…

And then enough was enough. I was tired. Beat down. Over it. I had to shift my point of view of progress.

You see, progress is THE process.

Progress involves letting in NEW experiences and letting OUT old outdated ones.

It is a process of give and take.

What if you viewed progress not as perfect, but as the ability to give yourself some grace whenever necessary?

When you can fall in love with your process…

Do you think you’d be happier?

Do you think your life would be more balanced?

Do you think you’d have more energy and see better results?


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