macros made easy – tracking fruit + veggies

Here’s this week’s #macrosmadeeasy roundup of client topics we discussed during our bi-weekly check ins and our group coaching class!

Myth of “FREE” foods

Yep, no doubt about it that fruits 🍌 and veggies 🥕 are good for you; but some think that since they are “healthy” you don’t have to track ‘em.

Thing is – fruits 🍉 and veggies 🥦 macros add up!

And if you are macro tracking for a specific goal 🥅 , you need to accurately account for all the food 🍱 you’re eating.

Cuz remember – healthy food 🥘 still has macros and tracking macros will help you better understand how every food you eat affects your food plan!

So how do you track fruit and veggies?

👉🏾You weigh and track them in grams!


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