i need YOUR help cuz, i’ve got big plans for us!

Read the caption again. 

That statement is important for you to remember when you are looking to work with someone to help you figure something out. 

Meeting you where you are at is at the CORE of my values as a Mindset + Muscles + Macros Coach. Working with women 40+ to create a food and fitness lifestyle they enjoy is my special sauce. 

You deal with stress from all areas. 

Brain fog and chronic fatigue. 

You have gut trouble, maybe bloating.

You can’t seem to get energy up no matter how much you sleep.

So you cut calories but still gain weight. 

So you up the cardio and yet your metrics won’t budge. 

So you put your faith in a trainer who makes you feel like: 

-You aren’t eating clean enough

-You aren’t exercising hard enough

-You must not want this bad enough

-Maybe you aren’t cut out for this

And you believe them because they are the “expert.” 

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Because that’s not how it should go. 

Those “experts” aren’t showing you the BTS of a life of restriction and disordered behavior. There’s a cost to chasing a look, a size, a weight that may just not be in the best interest of your body. Read that sentence again. 

And if you can work with that to learn a better way, I’m your gal. 

We’re you ever let down by an investment you’ve made? Or more importantly, an investment you were made to feel not so good about? 


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