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It’s Wednesday! How’s the weather where you are at? Here in Honolulu, we’ve got it made. Trade winds. Sun. Surf. Many opportunities to move our bodies outdoor!

Here’s an update of what we’ve got going on at Lee-Ann Watanabe Wellness:

LevelUp League is launching May 1st! Our monthly membership takes the guess work out of your workout. Perfect for the beginner to intermediate lifter who wants some strength SHINE ✨ in their life! You can still join here.

-Macros Made Easy is in full swing. A macros-based nutrition only program that is part group coaching, part 1 on 1, you’ll never have to figure out how much you should or can eat again! I used my own macros program to lose 30lbs and tons more inches since June 2021! Ongoing enrollment by application only here.

LevelUp Online is the OG of my signature programs; a customized wellness training program teaching you how to lift for your body so you can lose weight, feel great and gain muscle. Never wander aimlessly in your home gym again! Ongoing enrollment here.

Over two decades of training and coaching have provided me with a lot of learning especially when training the 40+ female body.

We don’t have to train or eat different than in our 20s and 30s, but we do have to be smarter and do it food abs fitness consistently!

I’ve trained 20 year old sedentary adults who lacked strength.

I’ve trained 70 year olds who could deadlift more than their weight.

It’s not a question of age, it’s about a person’s ability and me as their coach and #1 super fan, meeting them where they are at!

Any big fun things coming up for you?

I’m thinking of coming out of triathlon retirement. We have a short sprint race coming up in July. And my Coach says as long as I’m willing to eat more food, we can work it into my program!

P.S I’ve entered into a contest so I can spread my message of all body inclusivity in the fitness industry! If you feel moved by my mission, please cast your vote for me daily here!

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