the clash of the conscious and the subconscious

oday I had an #energyclearing session with @nitsua31984. BTW – Austin is an amazing healer and truly gifted in his craft. And even better, this #virtuallandscape allows him to impact lives worldwide!

Today, he brought up two areas I had thought I was “handling.”

These two pain points have been with me, most of my life.

So it was interesting 🤔 to me, that he called upon these two very things (his gift) and worked with me to be rid of them once and for all.

👉🏾I am inadequate
👉🏾I am unlovable

I’ve suffered with imposter syndrome from a very young age.

I thought if I was the hardest worker in the room, I would be enough.

Then I was set on the belief the if I was a certain weight, I would be lovable enough.

I had told myself I’ve worked through that. Fake it till you make it I said!

But as Austin says, it’s the clash of the conscious and the subconscious; going at it like two boxers 🥊 in the ring.

And sometimes, old stories always creep up.

I think my #infertility has stirred up some of this and despite what my head is telling me, my body is saying otherwise!

It’s been a long windy road to transition to being open; to do things a different way; to allow others to help me and give myself the time and the patience to figure it all out.

Like you, I am an imperfect work in progress!

Happy Thursday Tribe! 😊

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