to food track or not to food track?

Right now in “summer shred” season, too many people are focusing on how fast they can lose fat instead of how long they’re able to keep it off. 

Today, I tackle the third most common mistake I see my ladies (as THE Honolulu Personal Trainer) making when it comes to their weight loss goals



Truth: Tracking can be A LOT especially if you are new to logging food. But, food logs are GREAt because they give us data like how much you are eating on a regular basis. 

Fiction: It doesn’t have to be this HUGE to do. Start small. Tell yourself, “ok, I am gonna log one meal on day 1.” Do that for a few days. Then log 2 meals for a few days. Add a 3rd meal, so on and so forth. 

I hear people talking about eating out budget this, vacation budget that – think of it like your MONEY budget, except we are doing it for food! 

Quick Fix: You can do anything for 30 days right? We’ve seen it with all the dam push up and burp and squat 30 days challenges out there. So why not do it for food logging. 

Try tracking everything you eat (and drink) for a month and see what happens. In fact, download My Macros Plus for FREE and come find me (Lee-Ann Watanabe) and join my inner circle so we can help one another stay accountable! 

If you can commit to 30 days of consistent food and drink logging, this is what will happen:

==You’ll get Mindful as F about your food and you’ll eat less than you normally do. Similar to when you track your finances, you’ll typically spend less. Ya know, cuz you are thinking about it!

==You’ll have objective data. Whether you decide to keep tracking after 30 days, you’ll understand your eating habits at a much deeper level moving forward (how much you are eating, the macro breakdown of what you are eating)…

So STOP guessing how much you should eat to lose fat and START tracking your food for 30 days to see exactly what and how much you’re eating on a regular basis!

Do you food log? If so, what app or method do you use? And believe it or not, I still have a few clients who like the pen and paper method best! 

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