are you eliminating all the foods you love?

Ah yes, the summer shred. Everybody feeling pressure to make it a hot girl summer. 

Continued from yesterday, here is fat loss mistake #2 – RESTRICTING THE FOODS YOU LOVE.

A vegan, a Keto and a Paleo walk into a bar… HAHAHA! 

Truth: All jokes aside, when you restrict your favorite foods, you assign those foods great power and then you want those foods a gazillion times more than before! 

Fiction: Food restriction is not a forever solution. If you give up a food for a body goal, ask yourself how long you could realistically go without eating them.

The Culprit: RESTRICTION! Restriction always leads to binging!

Quick Fix: Food restriction (unless for a medical reason) is stressful as F and frankly unnecessary way to lose fat! 

STOP: Restricting the foods you love.

START: Eating them in moderation in correlation with your calorie/macro targets. 

Take me for example (Honolulu Personal Trainer on Oahu): 

On March 28th, 2021, I ended my build phase and entered a body fat loss phase. I never eliminated ANY foods. I ate dessert. I drank alcohol. I went to Vegas and LA for 10 days eating all the things. And as of today, I have lost 7.4 pounds on the scale and a total of 6 inches from my waist and hips combined. 

Would I like this process to go faster? F YES! But what do I know about the fast cut? It’s the one that doesn’t last!

Would I like to lose body fat faster? F YES! But am I willing to enter into food restriction and compulsive exercise to get me to where I think I want to be sooner? HELL NO because I want to still enjoy life, go out and have fun. 

Is it possible to have fun, go out and still lose body fat? YES YES YES and I am living proof of that doing a cut while still having fun right now!

Are you trying to lose weight or build some muscle? How’s your journey going so far? And what kind of plan are you following? 

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