why orange theory doesn’t work

Why Orange Theory doesn’t work…

Orangetheory (OT) is a 1 hour, full body workout based upon heart rate training. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it?!

What NOBODY talks about it – their heart rate training is not 100% accurate and yet, OTers live and die by their numbers.

I am a virtual and in person trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii. Recently, a new client (a DIE HARD OT participant) confessed to me “Lee-Ann, I am killing myself in these classes and no matter how hard I am working, my dam heart rate can’t get to where they tell me it should be.”

Should be huh? Says who? The OT Coach? The splat board? 

What about how you feel? How does your body feel irregardless of what your heart rate monitor says?


Obvi – her symptoms definitely tell me something else is going on and this is where OT fails you. I see far too many like my client taking these 1 hour high intensity classes day after day, 5-7 days per week all in a quest to be leaner. But, eventually, they all hit a brick wall. 

Weight loss stops. Weight gain sets and a medley of other issues start to show – increased hunger, lower energy, increased cravings, increased lower belly fat.

Look, I’m calling out OT here, but really, there are so many ways people try to lose weight; ways that have no hope of working!

-endless hours on the stair master or running on a treadmill
-taking insane workout interval classes
-doing 100s of squats or sit ups or pushups every day for 30, 75, 90 days
-doing the cabbage soup diet or the hot pepper and honey detox 

You’ve probably tried one of those at some point. And I have too (except for the cabbage soup diet, nope did not try that one!)

So, stop repeating the same shit over again – that’s INSANITY. Instead, do this:

  1. Stop doing what everyone else is doing 
  2. Stop doing the same things you’ve done before hoping for a result
  3. Start drinking your water and eating your protein, with every meal
  4. Start talking easy walks every day, hitting a step goal
  5. Start lifting heavy weight, getting uncomfortable 3-4x per week

There is no magical pill. There is no secret solution. There is no perfect way for you to achieve your health and wellness goals. There is only learning from your mistakes and doing better!

Pic below is hubby and I finishing our 3 mile walk jog on this beautiful Sunday!

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