finding your tribe; it’s not as hard as you think

Over my 43 trips around the sun, my most important lesson learned is letting go of what no longer serves me. And this my friends, includes relationships!

Sound harsh? Hell no! THAT sounds HEALTHY!

Now with my grown ass self, I feel confident in helping my clients do the same – creating healthy boundaries that make them happy; no longer cultivating relationships that cause them anxiety, stress, sadness, anger…

But you know what – this process is the same for anything – not only with our people relationships but also our relationships with our health, our physical activity, our food behaviors and our food choices.

In my vibe_365 wellness bundle, you will learn some great things including the key ways you can surround yourself with positive people. Below, I’ve included a free excerpt from my bundle; tips you can start right away!

3 Tips to Surround Yourself with POSITIVE People!

  1. Believe in yourself. People can sense if you believe in yourself or not.
  2. Forgive freely. Holding resentment towards yourself or others is negative energy, and will attract negative people and experiences to you.
  3. Like attracts like. Remember that “like always attracts like”— it’s a universal law.

Want more – email me at leeann.watanabe@gmail.com. My next vibe_365 tribe starts January 6th, 2020! I have a few spots available! @24cycle and @vibe_365 on instagram / 2CW HI Fitness on Facebook!


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