are you trustworthy?

If someone asked you this question:


How would you answer?

Most of us, would reply with an overwhelming YES! Our partners can trust us to remain loyal. Our employers can trust us to get the job done. Our family members and friends can trust us to support them.

Now I ask you that you turn that question around and ask yourself this:


Did you pause? Did you have to think about that?

When working with my clients, I hear their distrust of themselves all of the time…

“I can’t trust myself to be around those (fill in the blank FOODS)…”

“I can’t trust myself that I will be able to stay committed to my workouts.”

“I don’t trust myself to have those cinnamon rolls in the house.”

WIth my #vibe_365 wellness method, I train clients to UNdiet; to eat intuitively and to rely on their judgement of themselves to navigate through their wellness journey; whether it be their food choices; their workout regimen, their boundaries within their every day life. Sure, sure, I provide a general outline of the overall big picture and give gentle nudges along the way. But I serve as their partner and their coach in a warm, and supportive environment where people can be vulnerable with me, because, there isn’t no right and wrong way, there is only the BEST way that will work for that special and unique person.

Are you catching my vibe? I help busy and stressed women using my #vibe_365 method to break through the noise, achieve their wellness goals and love the body they are in. The women in my tribe find me when all else has failed and they are sick and tired of being on the vicious hamster wheel of restrictive eating and over exercising or they are fed up with not being able to find a method that keeps them motivated, inspired and consistent.

Shoot me a message – I start my next tribe of @vibe_365 ladies come January 6th, 2020!

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Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

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