positive-based fitness for women

I always sit down with potential clients so we can feel each other’s vibe. If we work together, I want you to experience my energy and my training philosophy to ultimately see if we jive. We’ll talk about your current lifestyle as well as any short or long term goals you may have. Sometimes, I’ll hear, “I really want to compete in a bikini show” which is an awesome goal; but not my expertise. So if that happens, I pull from my long list of trainer contacts to refer them to a trainer experienced in that specific arena. Show competing is not my secret sauce.

My secret sauce is positive-based fitness for the every day woman (although I train men too). Today’s society expects a woman to be SUPERwoman-to juggle careers, family, chores- to do it all in today’s busy, technology-driven society. And unfortunately, this has led to more women letting their own #selfcare fall by the wayside, leading to an increased obesity risk; poor mental health and lack of quality sleep.

I’ve witnessed too many women who have forgotten their worth, their strength and their beauty. In this ‘selfie’ and the photoshop generation, many women struggle with insecurity, feelings of self doubt and failure, negative self talk, constant comparison and outside judgement including that from other women.

THAT IS WHERE I COME IN. My name is Lee-Ann. I meet you where you are at and connect you with other women who will help to build you up. I replace the constant flow of unreal with the real; real like-minded women supporting each others goals. Through my personal fitness approach, I help you realize that this isn’t all so scary and that we will walk through this together, on your terms.


Through our partnership, I want you to thrive inside your body where you feel the strongest and most successful – where you will find YOUR SPECIAL SAUCE, something that is not warranted by a tape measurement or dictated by a number on the scale. It is a feeling of worth, of strength and of abundance that you are physically able to conquer anything coming your way.

Are you ready to tackle this next chapter in your journey? Message me to talk story.


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