cuckoo for box jumps


Box jumps are a compound, multi-joint exercise that is great when training for explosive power. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Speed & Overall Strength
  • Athleticism & Core
  • Power and Explosion
  • Functionality

Box jumps is the simple movement of standing on the floor, and then jumping forward onto a box of various heights. Although this is a simple movement, each individual has their own limitations, whether mental or physical, that may prevent them from executing the movement properly and efficiently. Jumping high onto something is scary and can get you hurt, so taking precautions will benefit you in the long run.


  • Stand in an athletic position, with your feet shoulder-width apart, at a comfortable distance from the box.
  • When you’re ready to jump, drop quickly into a quarter squat, then extend your hips, swing your arms, and push your feet through the floor to propel yourself onto the box.
  • Don’t “stick” your landing.


1) Not pausing: Once jumping onto the box, it is important to pause for a brief second with your legs bent besides landing stiff with your legs straight out. This is not a deep squat position, but a position where your legs are bent and you are embracing the impact. After you jump onto the box, land soft by coming into this semi-squat position, hold, and then stand up. This will definitely prevent knee problems and pain.

2) Being Frankenstein: A lot of individuals try to increase the height of the box jump by combining many weights together and creating an unsafe landing area. We all know it is hard to find tall box jumps, but be careful in determining the method of increasing the height. Falling can have serious injuries, such as massive bloody scrapes and bruises. Having a stable surface to land on is crucial, so be careful.

3) Not extending hips: When jumping onto the box, it is important to explode up and extend your hips from the semi-squat position to the top of the box. Hip mobility is very important here and will aid in this explosive power upwards. Drive your hips forward and up to really increase your speed and power into the air. This is what’s going to benefit you the most in the long run.


Box jumps are a great utility to add to your workouts. With many benefits, it is important to utilize this extraordinary functional movement to your advantage. Be careful, use proper form, and expect results. Have fun with this movement and take it seriously, but most importantly, try not to miss the box.

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