I’m not aging, I’m evolving

39 was so last year.

The best is yet to come. 

I’m really 18 with 22 years of experience. 

The turning 40 quotes are endless and funny as F***

I turned 39.95 plus shipping and handling on January 26th. And the only thing I truly, madly, deeply miss are my 25-year old joints. I remember it vividly: every single time my “wiser” athletic friends would warn, “just wait and see…”

I need more recovery time after hard workouts. I need more sleep. And I need to diligently stretch, more times than not. My 20-year old brain chanting yoga is for wussies is now a part of my distant ignorance, dropped off in an emotional insane asylum far far away.

And with that, I have a newfound respect and passion for anti gravity yoga at a Kakaako studio I’ve been attending called The Hang Out so I’m spreading the word.

If you are on the fence about yoga period, you need to give The Hang Out class a go at least once. The class is suitable for all ages, body shapes and abilities. In yoga, there is no ego.

For me personally, this practice has been an amazing outlet not only for my uptight body; but, also for my emotional and mental space. When in class, you are forced to exist in the present moment.

Jordan, The Hang Out owner provides private classes for 3-11 people. I’ve arranged for my athletes first class on Friday, September 8th. If you are interested in joining our group for a private class in the near future, shoot us a message and get on the list. Cost is based upon number of participants per class.

Or if you prefer to attend on your own, check out this link for some great offers for first timers! 


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