weeks 41 & 42 to my first bikini competition as a 46 year old female with an ostomy

WEEKS 41 & 42

Well, #peakweek is here. The days fly by in a blur. It’s a bit surreal, to be here, doing what I feel is a big scary thing. But it’s a big scary thing I’ve wanted to do for decades; a goal I’ve attempted (and failed) twice before.

TRUST… “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”


Do you TRUST your plan?

My biggest win thus far has been the knowing that I can now say without hesitation that I TRUST my body to do what it will do.

In years past, I’ve always fought against her. I’d imagine I was in a boxing match with my body, beating myself into success (and often times many failures too).

Eat too many Oeros?
My action: Be on the stair master for 75 minutes.

Family stressors or feelings of sadness?
My action: Get on the treadmill and run until I’m exhausted.

You have ulcerative colitis?
My action: Sign up for more long distance triathlon races.

Over the last 3 years of learning to trust myself and trust my process has been a extremely rewarding and unexpected benefit through this all.

My key “AHA” moments have been:
🌺 quality over quantity
🌺 consistency over perfection
🌺 creating solid boundaries

I hope to inspire you if you are reading this and wanting to do big scary things too.

Whether it be fat loss, attempting strength training; signing up for your first 5k; doing a photo shoot or even a show.

Whatever your reason, know that TRUST in YOU is the most important action you’ll need!

Trust in yourself to get started. To take the first step. Ask that first question. Send that first email.

Trust in you babe! You got this!

4 sleeps to go. Now it’s time to put icing on the cake 🎂❤️🌺

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