tips to boost your daily step count!

As a Lifestyle Coach, I always remember that when I work with people, we ALL start from different places.

Often, I’m asked what can SUPER BUSY “I don’t have time” to track or go to the gym folks who know they want to get moving but are overwhelmed with what to do, can actually do right now?

Here’s what I tell these people:


Start walking. It’s easy. You control how long, how far, when and where. There’s little room for excuses on why you can’t walk. You walk to the car. The bathroom. The store. The office. The kitchen. Your kid’s school. Walking is a habit you’re already doing, so now use what you are already doing and level it up!

Here’s some simple ways to boost your step count! And if you’re thinking that steps is not hard enough, I would also ask yourself, what are you already doing right now?

👉🏾Track your steps daily for awareness

👉🏾Park further away from places you visit

👉🏾Always take the stairs!

👉🏾Use your home chores to help up your steps!

👉🏾Set phone alarm for short 5-10 min walks daily!

👉🏾Take phone calls while walking around house/office

👉🏾Adopt a dog – they boost step counts quick!

👉🏾Walk during rest periods in between lift exercises

👉🏾Invest in a standing desk or walk treadmill for home

What’s your favorite way to get in your steps? I like walking uphill!

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