proud coach – client highlight!

PROUD COACH CLIENT HIGHLIGHT! @kennyharrispaintings

Kenny and his wife Judy started their work with me at the end of August. This pair was already health-focused and mindful knowing that BOTH food quality and food quantity matter. After a family member started #macrosmadeeasy with me, they were curious and intrigued. Always looking to LevelUp their health, they wanted to learn and here we are!

Kenny is a tall (6’0”) lean guy that was under eating due to his busy career as an artist and Professor. His energy and sleep were sub-par. And his exercise routine had become non existent since Covid hit.

Here are the BIG habits helping Kenny undergo some great body recomposition:

1. Our first 4 weeks of work was spent teaching Kenny how to eat on a more consistent basis. He eats 4 meals daily.

2. Despite some macro growing pains, Kenny learned the importance of sufficient protein intake daily. He feels big energy drops when his protein intake is lower than his current target.

3. Lifting progressive overload using my programming. With a busy life, Kenny dedicates 3x per week to his lifts as non-negotiable. And at 10 weeks in, his strength has increased, his metrics and weight have dropped and most importantly, he feels strong in his body.

Kenny was a guy who never tracked his food before. He never had to. He’s been athletic his entire life and never battled a weight issue. Learning macros was definitely a learning curve for him but he is comforted in knowing what I tell everyone 👉🏾 macros works if you are consistent not perfect!

P.S. @kennyharrispaintings and @judynimtz are amazing artists you should definitely check out! Gift your loved one with a beautiful piece of art! ❤️

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