i trained like a professional athlete but didn’t look like one


❤️ Eating can be an attempt to distract you, but you cannot distract the realities of your life forever.

🤪 Here’s my breaking point: I was in the thick of my binge eating on the left side of this picture, teaching spin classes, lifting weights and triathlon training like it was my full time job 🤙🏾 And while I had incredible experiences and formed great friendships from this, the relationship I had with food and exercise was not one of them ❌ I look back to how I used to treat my body then… over-eating, under-eating & over-exercising and I wish someone would’ve told me eventually the food and exercise distraction would wear off and the problems, feelings and life would still be there, except made way WORSE by the previous night’s EPIC food binge 🤦🏽‍♀️

🤙🏾 Here’s where things got a little better: I decided to get DEEP. I needed to figure out what actual issues was I trying to avoid with food and exercise and more importantly, WHY??? And what triggers made me cope with stress with food and exercise? What specifically happened the moment before I choose those coping mechanisms? 🤔 Simply identifying these behaviors and replacing them with new habits (this took a good amount of time and effort) is what stopped this vicious cycle for me, and what I now teach in my LevelUP Lifestyle Program 🙏🏾

🙌🏾❤️ If you’re finding yourself coping with life using food or exercise, binging and restricting, alcohol, please know that you are not alone. Just keep telling yourself this statement: “Using my distractions will not make my problems go away. This is only a temporary Band-Aid until my distraction wears off..” I know hearing that would’ve helped me, so I hope that it can help you as well. If you wanna talk about it, DM me ❤️ as I’m always here to lend an ear 👂 to a fellow awesome lady. #moderation365#leveluplifestyle#macrosmadeeasy#honolulupersonaltrainer

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