mindset is everything

I never used cream in my coffee. And I HATE black coffee.

I never licked stamps or envelopes because who knew if adhesive was calorie-free???

It sounds crazy to me now but that used to be me! Along with hundreds of other food rules.

These tactics always ended the same way:

RESTRICT all day to BINGE all night.

I obsessed about food 24/7/365.
I counted down the ⏰ until I could eat.
I did 2 hours of cardio every day.

I needed help, but as a Coach myself, I thought, “shouldn’t I know what to do?”

Yep, I knew what to do.

I needed to stop dieting; stop restricting; stop bingeing.

I needed to add back in carbs; stop over exercising.

I needed someone’s help to talk me off of the ledge.

And so in March of 2021. I started following @eve_fitchick who offered free macro tracking resources to her audience.

I related to her weight loss story. I loved her vibe. And her no nonsense approach to safe and sound macro calculating.

I used her resources to calculate my own macros and I started religiously tracking.

I stated adding cream into my coffee.
I added carbs back in.
I tracked 2 treats every day.

In 3 months, I lost 10 pounds. But even bigger than that, my restricting subsided.

As I started to restrict less, I binged less and I started to think about food less.

What I’ve realized is that macro tracking has actually given me food freedom and food flexibility.

No more scarcity. No more “I have to eat this all now because… “

No more “I have to wake up and kill myself to pay for what I ate the night before.”

It has been such a game changer for me that in 2021, I became a Macro Nutrition Coach certified under Eve. Her story inspired me just as I hope my own story inspires you.

Enjoying how you eat is possible and can be effortless if you are willing to work it.

I promise you, macro tracking is way less effort than riding the vicious diet cycle and weight loss and cycle gain over and over and over again.

I’m accepting 2 clients in my Macros Made Easy Coaching program. If this interests you, let’s chat! DM me or schedule a free Discovery Call using the link in my bio! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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