exercise to feel good not to punish yourself

The year was 2016. This is the run race portion of the Hawaii “Honu” 🐢 Half Ironman. I was suffering through that smile.

Suffering during a half Ironman is expected. But back then my suffering was two-fold as it was 6 months post-op of colon removal surgery.

And I was still in the throes of my exercise addiction.

Back then, this was my thought process…

“You have to prove it to yourself that you can still do amazing things, like a half Ironman race despite having no colon.”

“You’ll be so damaged on the outside that now you’ll have to make up for it by doing even more amazing things.”

“You have to race to lose all of the weight you’ve gained since being out of commission from surgery.”

Today while on the treadmill, I had an epiphany. I reflected on just how far I’ve come.

Today, I can go out for a 15 minute jog and call it a day without beating myself up about not doing enough and being a big pile of lazy shit 💩. (Yep, real talk – that’s how I used to talk to myself for a really really long time).

Today, I can move my body with appreciation of its strength versus moving by body because I need to get some weight off.

Today, I can exercise because it makes me feel good instead of exercising as my punishment for eating off plan; or weighing in heavier or out of pure emotion from someone’s innocent comment or question such as “are you taking a break from racing? Are you injured? You look so healthy!”

I’m sure in some shape or form, you can relate to this.

Making the switch from old Lee-Ann to present day one did not happen overnight. Altho it took 40 years to start, here’s how I did it:

I hired a Coach.
I was fed-up with fad diets.
I wanted a better relationship with food and exercise.
I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

If you are struggling to create a sense of balance with your own food and fitness, know that you are not alone. I’ve been right where you are at.

I help women 40+ create an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle they get excited about not dread.

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