what type of personal trainer and coach am I?

What type of Coach am I?

When I started 20 years ago as a new and “green” #honolulupersonaltrainer, I was the order-taking Coach.

My clients were the boss. I did what they wanted to do.

It took a while for me to realize that I needed to step up to the plate, take back the reigns and be the lead.

After all, I was the expert whose dedicated half of my life to studying, testing and training clients on the front line to assert myself as such.

I needed to own that. I wasn’t doing anyone any service by caving into a client’s wishes at the long term cost of their mental and physical wellbeing.

As I’ve evolved first as a human and then as a Trainer, I’m proud to say I’m the Coach that will definitely meet you where you are at while also giving you the nudge you need!

It took a lot of shitty experiences to learn this; but, I’m glad that I was able to grow out of life’s hard lessons.

I will never mold you into who I think you should be.

I’ll never make you feel like a failure.

Instead, I’ll do my best to empower you through macros based nutrition and progressive overload strength training so that you can truly experience just how amazing your body already is!

But don’t let my flexibility be mistaken for weakness. If you cannot commit to the framework I’ve laid out for you, I’ll suggest that perhaps were not a good fit for one another.

I know I’m not the trainer for everybody. And I don’t want to be.

I want to work with women who have been through the diet and exercise ringer; someone whose spent a lot of their life basing their worth on their weight. You’ve probably have worked with Jenny Craig or Weight Watches in the past too.

Is this you?
-You are exhausted. its never been easy for you.

-You are overwhelmed. Its always been a roller coaster 🎢.

-You are scared and fearful. You’ve been on an ever mood changing tornado 🌪 of scale chasing and restriction. But its all you know, so now what?

If you are fed up and in the right head space to truly release the reigns to start a DIFFERENT way, I want to work with you!

Cuz, I get it. I’ve been there. And I know there’s a better way.

Happy 😃 Wednesday Babes!

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