some tough love on dieting

Some tough love ❤️ for ya on happy hump day!

I never thought I’d be here… eating and exercising moderately.

A client once asked me “you have to spend a whole year in maintenance? Isn’t that frustrating?”

Diets teach us that we are always at either end of the spectrum. 🏓

We are either trying to lose weight or we are gaining weight.

Nobody really talks about maintaining weight.

I see people extreme dieting… for a short period of time.

Then they eat normal or splurge or cheat or whatever they call it and they gain weight back.

Why does this happen?

When you restrict all the time, eventually you throw in the towel and have everything you’ve “been missing.”

Then they do a fast or cleanse to “get back on track.”

Why not figure out how to eat and move in a way where you can maintain weight? A method you can do forever?

Most times, some don’t want to think about what to eat and how to move in order to maintain. It’s too much work.

It’s much easier to eliminate a whole bunch of stuff. You look at the list, you can eat this and you can’t eat that.

But you never learn the best way to do it for you.

To most, my effort seems like a lot. But I really enjoy my process, so to me, it’s not effort at all.

If ya know me, then y’all know going swimming is a real effort for me 😝. Doing math too. Math gives me a headache 🤕. And despite living in paradise, I’m more of a GLAMP-ING 🤩not camping kinda gal.

If you find yourself redoing the same path over and over, I would say take a look at your map and consider finding an alternate route!
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