searching for what’s new and what’s next?

Instead of searching for “what’s new?” & “what’s next?” Ask yourself, “what’s best for me for the rest of my life?”

Short term solutions are not solutions at all. They are like temporary tattoos – initially it’s pretty and seems legit; but eventually and always, they deteriorate, bit by bit.

Just like your body’s ability to bounce back diet after diet. Or to reset to a balanced state after never ending juggling of exercise more and eating less.

This is a reminder that when you decide to focus on your wellness, be sure it’s a method that is enjoyable and easy.

Gone are the days where you must suffer and white knuckle your way to results.

If it worked before but you ended up back at where you started, it didn’t really work after all, right? 🤔

Just some words for thought.

Cheers to the upcoming weekend! ❤️🔥💪🏾


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