2022 – i’m coming for you!

My Coach @janellefitmarks asked about our @thewonderwomenofficial goals for this year. I had to think 💭 about this. I’ve been operating from monthly goals; from body fat loss goals and IYKYK #chinup goals 😊

For the entire year… wowza 🤩

So I pulled out my #virtualvisionboard and went to play.

I would love to be able to Coach under @thewonderwomenofficial team which has radically changed my mindset surrounding food and fitness. The outside shell transformation has truly been a bonus!

2. My goal is to travel with @808lekeli to visit my sister in Japan 🇯🇵 and to visit #twwbabes IRL in Tulum!

And maybe just maybe I’ll be able to fulfill a long time goal of stepping on stage, when baby Lee-Ann had this big dream of showing off all of my hard work. BIG DIFFERENCE IS PRESENT DAY LEE-ANN will only be doing it for herself, not for affirmation or to prove anything to anyone. Nope, just for me and my bucket list.

What are your go-to goals for this year? 🌈🔥🤩


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