habits – hard to create easy to break

Been working with my sister on habit-setting, habit-stacking and meeting her where she is currently at. 

THAT is where many other coaches get it wrong – they prescribe all this stuff for clients to do irregardless of where that client is at (emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically). 

I consider it my superpower 😉 to be able to go with my gut in knowing just what my ladies need when they tell me how hard it is to get started. 

Habits are hard to create but easy to break (especially the good kind habits we want to do more of). 

As you get into the new year, new year goal-setting and all the resolutions, here’s a few tips I use with my tribe to create a safe and sound wellness plan that is both effortless and enjoyable. 

#1. Don’t beat yourself up about your not so good habits. Many people go cold turkey – dump em all in the beginning (go hard or go home). Instead, reduce your not so good habits / cut back on them over time / give yourself breaks. This way is much more doable than trying to go from 0 to 100 real quick.

#2. Have your intentions clearly outlined in writing on a paper, a chalk board, a sign, a dry erase board. Having something solid in writing helps create intention to do the thing you wrote down.

#3. Keep your intentions out loud and proud, somewhere visible that you will see them often throughout the day. This is a nice reminder of your self commitments!

#4. Go with your gut. If ya feel something is off, then it probably is. Work on setting boundaries that work best for you. Listen to that inner voice you sometimes ignore. Allow yourself enough space for your intentions to shift if need be. 

#5. Give yourself grace – go easy without judgement. Rome wasn’t built in a day kinda thing, ya feel me? You will mess up. You will forget. You will move two steps forward, one back. All is to be expected and is NORMAL. Remember, this is the marathon not the sprint. Be gentle, don’t judge!

P.S. – Check out my sisters daily habit board! She’s doing the thing! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you ready for 2022 as much as I am?

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