are you dealing with post thanksgiving blues?

How you feeling after Thanksgiving? 

Not too long ago (about 2 years), I would be spending HOURS at the gym, lifting, cardio-ing and spinning away my frustration, my guilt, my shame and my body shame from a few days of #thanksgivingdayfood.

And I know that many of you struggle just the same.

Not too long ago, I would never share pics of my food on social media (fear of judgement).

I would never eat before going out for date night (didn’t want to feel bloated and full).

I would recruit people to eat with me so that I could have bites and tastes of the indulgent food I wanted to eat (food recruiting).

I would always over indulge from days of food restriction and over exercise. 

Making the switch to macro counting only starting in March of this year (2021), and seeing the results I’ve gained with food freedom, food flexibility, food abundance mindset while seeing my body change has been instrumental in me wanting to help others find the same. I’m proof that macros work if you work it, MUCH BETTER and FAR MORE SUSTAINABLE than low calorie dieting, food exclusion dieting, or cleansing or detoxing .

I take weekly progress pics to send to my coach and this is today’s check in pics (11.27.21)

>yep, my weight is up a few lbs (149.8 vs 148.2lbs)

>measurements have decreased in some areas and stayed the same in some areas

>I can see ABs starting to show for the first time EVER (something I was just convinced that I didn’t have the body type before having an #ostomy)

What I did do during a #friendsgiving I hosted on Wednesday and thanksgiving lunch and dinner on Thursday:

  1. I ate normally for all days, prioritizing protein before my “holiday meals”. This means that I made sure I bumped up my protein for 3 meals before I had my holiday meal to ensure I would hit my protein goal for that day.
  2. I did NOT weigh my food on Wed or Thu but rather I used my Visual Macros technique I teach clients in my Macros Made Easy coaching program. You won’t always have access to weigh and measure, so I educate you on how to do it best when you can’t!
  3. I enjoyed all the yummy foods I wanted to enjoy which included candied yams, maple glazed apples and sweet potatoes, potato salad, turkey, ham, stove top stuffing (I love that stuff), mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, homemade cranberry sauce and yep, my famous pumpkin crunch. I ate all of those things over the course of 3-4 meals over 2 days.

My exercise was the same exercise I had to do, nothing more, nothing less. I lifted and did a 35 minute cardio session on Wednesday. I did my prescribed cardio (teaching a spin class on Thursday morning). Friday I woke up and went back to normal, weighing and tracking my food and hitting my macros. 

You see, there is no magical formula; BUT, THERE IS CUSTOMIZED macros suited for YOUR special body and CUSTOMIZED strength programming for YOUR unique BODY and metabolism. And most important, THERE IS A COACH (a person IRL = IT ME BTW) guiding you along the way, cheering you on and never beating you up when things do go as planned (all the mindset stuff on top of all of the technical stuff) because friends, I know FIRST HAND that most times, things don’t go as we expect. #progressoverperfection

My #blackfriday deal of 8 weeks Macros Made Easy + 8 weeks of LevelUP is good through Monday, November 29th at 12midnight HST. Questions? Fire away below or DM me! 

I gotchu!

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